PeerCtl - Take CTL of your peering!

Remove manual, redundant tasks from your peering process so that you can focus on the important stuff like strategy and relationship building.

What is PeerCtl?

PeerCtl is an automation platform purpose built for busy peering managers.

What can I do with PeerCtl?

PeerCtl takes data directly from PeeringDB, combines it with your policies, and generates the complete BGP configuration required to turn up a secure and reliable peering session.

PeerCtl also provides email templates for each common communication point, along with a workflow to help you turn up new peers.

How does PeerCtl work?

  1. You select an IX. PeerCtl shows you all of the possible peers at that location.
  2. You select a peer. PeerCtl provides a BGP configuration and email templates to get connected.
  3. You want more. PeerCtl shows you all of the other mutual exchanges where you can interconnect with this peer.

What else can PeerCtl do?

All FullCtl products come with audit logging and role based access control (RBAC) out of the box.

FullCtl is more than just software tools, we build complete network automation systems, ask us about your thorniest automation issue to learn more - even if your biggest challenge is just knowing how and where to start.

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