FullCtl is a network automation and orchestration software suite focused on providing and acting on needed sources of truth developed by 20C.

Until now, this software has been a closed source, licensed product, hosted by 20C or on customer premises as a managed group of services.

People have been requesting open sourced components of our product, and after recently rewriting to a modern microservices architecture, we’ve responded and started separating things even more. Our hope is to allow the community to leverage our framework to speed up the development of their own components.

With many forks maintained internally for customers and their full environments, we’re refactoring and splitting things apart to release as open source. For our existing customers, it will result in free updates, for new open source users, it’ll be all sorts of magical fun.

The open sourcing starts with IXCtl.

Current customers, if you missed the memo, please login at https://account.20c.com